MINISO Releases New Disney Character Blind Box Collection in Singapore to Great Fan Excitement

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2021. 3. 26. 17:51


MINISO has released a new Disney character blind box collection - Winnie the Pooh, and five other special blind box collections in Singapore


MINISO, the world's top branded variety retailer, has released a new Disney character blind box collection - Winnie the Pooh, and five other special blind box collections online in Singapore on March 19. They include last year's sold-out Mickey Mouse Q-version blind box series and the Budding Pop Macaron series, as well as the all-new Winnie the Pooh blind box series, the Budding Pop Pet action figure series, the Budding Pop Zoo Party action figure series, and the Qbee blind box action figure series.


This massive new product launch follows the release of the Budding Pop macaron series and Mickey Mouse blind box collections in MINISO's Singapore store in September 2020. Both collections were enthusiastically received by consumers, selling out within a week.


"With the rise of Gen Z, brands must cater to their expectations and deliver experiences that are as distinctive as their personality," said Robin Liu, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of MINISO. "This generation feels passionately about their hobbies and creates communities anchored in them, which we can see with the emergence of phenomena such as 2D sub-culture, e-sports, and model toy play. MINISO is responding to this consumer shift and opening up a dialogue with young customers by focusing on creating the surprises that resonate with them. The new MINISO blind boxes are priced between SGD5.9 -12.9, which is within easy reach for young people."



More than 80% of customers who bought Winnie the Pooh blind boxes chose to register as MINISO members to enjoy discounts and receive updates about MINISO blind boxes


Prior to the new blind boxes launch, MINISO Singapore called on the public to sign up as members and obtain coupons. More than 80% of customers who bought Winnie the Pooh blind boxes chose to register as MINISO members to enjoy discounts and receive updates about MINISO blind boxes.


On March 20, MINISO held an event at Westgate Mall, inviting blind box fans to participate in a 10-second box opening game. To ensure that social distancing measures were enforced, the store brought in groups of 10 every half hour between 6 and 8PM, with each participant receiving a free blind box and given 10 seconds to open it.


If the participant won the lucky hidden character, they were then awarded the entire series of blind boxes as the prize. In total, 50 blind box enthusiasts walked away happily from the event with free MINISO blind boxes. The sell-through rate of the Winnie the Pooh blind box collection has reached 50% within the first five days of sale.


In the future, MINISO will continue to launch more blind box products in the Singapore market, including the Rumi Tutu series, the New Mickey Family series, and the Qee Bear series in April. Following that, MINISO will unveil the most anticipated MINISO x TOM & JERRY blind box collection. So stay tuned!





MINISO (NYSE: MNSO) is a lifestyle product retailer, offering high quality household goods, cosmetics and food at affordable prices. Since opening its first store in Guangzhou in 2013, MINISO has opened more than 4,200 stores in over 80 countries and regions in just 7 years. With a focus on sleek design and fun trends, its mission is to assure through its products that a better life has nothing to do with the price.



중국의 다이소라 할 수 있는 미니소(MINISO)가 싱가포르에서 새로운 디즈니 캐릭터 블라인드 박스 컬렉션을 출시했다. 미니소(NYSE : MNSO)는 고품질 가정 용품, 화장품 및 식품을 저렴한 가격에 제공하는 라이프 스타일 제품 소매 업체이다. 2013년 광저우에 첫 매장을 오픈한 이후 미니소는 7년 만에 80개 이상의 국가와 지역에 4,200개 이상의 매장을 오픈했다.



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