Dog Cruise Extraordinaire with "canine companions"



2022. 8. 2. 09:51

  • From the Creators of the World's Only Dog Cruise by Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd


Dog Cruise Singapore Tall Ship Adventures


Dogs are known as man's best friend, but many dog lovers are unable to own one or travel overseas with their beloved pooch, so the Dog Cruise team at the Royal Albatross, an attraction by Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd, has come to the rescue with an innovative dining concept with a personal doggie escort.


Dog lovers may now select a model dog to accompany them for an evening sunset dinner cruise onboard the award-winning Royal Albatross. The fur kids will come dressed up for the occasion and sit at the guest's table. The dogs will be served a curated 3-course fine dining meal, while the human guests enjoy their choice of a 4 or 7-course dinner out at sea.



The fur kids will come dressed up for the occasion and sit at the guest's table


Mr. Peter Pela, the owner of the Royal Albatross said: "We have found 6 charming doggies that are begging to be taken out for dinner on (another) Dog Cruise evening onboard the Royal Albatross. The doggies have been hand-selected by us based on their temperament and obedience level. They are also familiar with dining onboard the ship as they have been sailing with us previously with their owners. Guests can select their fur-date based on their biographies much like a real dating website."


Pela continues: "The last 12 months, since we launched Dog Cruise, has been a huge success with over 900 fur kids sailing onboard with us. It's taken social media by storm as its truly unique, memorable, and adorable content!"


To assist in handling the dogs and to ensure the dogs go straight home afterwards, the owners will also be onboard; albeit as a different table, to ensure their fur kids are well taken care of, before, during and after the cruise.


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